When Should I Change My Winter Tires?


When Should I Change My Winter Tires?

Spring has arrived, and so has the warmer weather here in Lake Country. With the warmer weather, it’s important that drivers in the North Okanagan take the time to change over their winter tires to summer or all-season treads. Once temperatures consistently surpass 7°C, that’s the optimal time to switch your tires. For the best tire practices, and a source for your new set of tires, trust the tire experts at Bannister Honda. Book your tire change at our Vernon-located dealership service department in Lake Country, today.

When Should I Change My Tires?

The best practice in regards to winter tire changeover in the spring is to wait until daily temperatures reach an average of 7°C before changing your winter tires to summer tires or all-season tires. The reason for waiting until the temperature reaches that average is because summer/all-season tires get too stiff at temperatures under 7°C, while winter tires get too malleable at temperatures above 7°C. Leaving on your winter tires when temperatures are consistently above 7°C can lead to increased treadwear, and summer tires driven below 7°C reduce performance and tread life as well.


How to Store Your Tires

How should I store my tires? What are the best tire storing practices? When you swap out tire sets, it’s important to store your unused set properly for maximum longevity. Here are some tips you can follow to help maximize your tire lifespan:

  • Store your tires in a secure location at a consistent and comfortable temperature.
  • Clean any dirt or mud off your tires before storing them for the season.
  • Use tire storage bags to protect your tires from hazards.
  • Hang extra rims on heavy duty wall hooks / mounts if able.
  • Avoid stacking tires to prevent compression damage over time.

Trust Bannister Honda for your tire changeover and new tire shopping needs. We have a great selection of new tire sets for Honda vehicles, and all makes and models. Utilize our tire tool to help find your next set of tires for driving around Vernon and the rest of the North Okanagan. For tire solutions in Lake Country, there’s no better destination than your Vernon Honda dealership: Banister Honda.

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