Waiting is the Hardest Part of Putting On Spring Tires

A stock photo of a car on the road doing spring.

When Should Spring Tires Be Installed?

As we lurch toward the end of another winter in British Columbia and into spring, people in our area are probably excited to get their vehicles ready for a new driving season. Most people signal their personal start of spring by putting their winter tires away. So, when should spring tires be installed? There isn’t a specific date that we can point to as the best time to make the change. It’s more about waiting for temperatures to rise for the season and remain consistent. Follow along with Bannister Honda while we take a closer look at this important information.

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Does the 7-degree Rule Apply in the Spring?

Regardless if you’re swapping out spring tires for snow tires or the reverse at this time of the year, the 7°C rule applies. Tire manufacturers have concluded this is the critical component when choosing the perfect time to switch out tires. 

You won’t want to put your winter tires away until the average ambient temperature is higher than 7°C. Putting Spring or Summer tires on your vehicle before the weather hits this mark can cause the tires to lose effectiveness, especially at times like emergency braking when the additional traction is most important

Why Can’t All-Season Tires Be Used All the Time?

All-season are designed to be useful across a wide range of conditions. However, they don’t perform the best on cold, icy, or snow-covered roads. That’s why it’s important to wait to put them on your vehicle until it’s warm enough outside. Conversely, keeping winter or snow tires on your vehicle long after the weather improves isn’t great either. These tires’ larger footprint on the road, combined with higher temperatures, will cause them to break down faster and require replacement sooner than normal

If you feel overwhelmed by the vehicle maintenance process, you are not alone. Make an appointment with the Bannister Honda Service Department today, and we’ll put you at ease the best we can.