Check On Your Spare Tires Before You Need It

A stock photo of a car disabled on the side of the road.

How Long Do Spare Tires Last?

Flat tires are something that will happen to just everyone over the course of their driving career. Most cars, trucks and SUVs come with spare tires. As ubiquitous as this mostly standard feature is, there are still some questions surrounding it. The most common question we hear at Bannister Honda is, “How long do spare tires last?” There are two answers to it. First, in regards to how long a person can drive on a donut, and the other is in regards to how long it can be stored. Our team put together some helpful information that should answer these crucial questions.

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Usable Life for Spare Tires

Hopefully, you’ll never need to change a flat tire on the side of the road on the most uncomfortable day of the year, which is almost always when it happens. According to industry experts, spare tires have a usable shelf-life of seven to 10 years. Any of several environmental factors can cause the rubber to break down and make the spare unsafe to use. Before putting on a spare tire, it’s important to inspect it for cracks and other damage that could compromise safety.

How Long Can You Drive On Spare Tires?

The other important thing to remember about spare tires is that they are only meant to be a very temporary solution. A spare tires should only be used to get the vehicle to a place where the regular tires can be repaired or replaced, no further than 96 km away. Additionally, your driving habits will need to change while riding on a spare. Drivers should keep the vehicle under 80 km/h while using a donut. Your ability to maneuver or stop quickly could also be affected if the spare tire is being used on the front.

If you think it’s time to replace the spare tire in your trunk, or there are other maintenance questions you might have, please reach out to the Bannister Honda Service Department, today.