How Do You Connect to Google/Alexa in a Honda?

Honda touchscreen display

Honda is going through an automotive connectivity revolution. A few new Honda models will be available with Google Built-In and compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Both systems are extremely popular with people likely to be Honda owners. Additionally, both will expand the reach of the functionality of the equipped vehicles’ technology. Before these systems are widely available, some members of the Bannister Honda team thought it would be helpful to explain how owners can connect to them. Follow along with this handy guide, or take a look at the videos explaining the process.

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Setting Up a New Google Profile

The entire point of Honda adapting Google Built-In technology is to leverage the internet giant’s suite of popular products to help drivers remain connected while on the road. Drivers may need to delete an existing profile that was set up by the dealership for demonstration purposes. This original profile will need to be deleted before the permanent owner’s profile can be set up. 

Delete Dealership Profile 

  • Select Profile Settings
  • Select Manage Profile
  • Select ‘Your Profile’
  • Press ‘Delete’ in upper right corner
  • Press ‘Delete’ again in the pop-up box

Create New Owner Profile

  • Select ‘OK’ on terms & conditions page
  • Choose your primary language
  • Press ‘Set up profile’ in upper right corner
  • Name your profile
  • Press ‘User 1’ field to bring up touchscreen keyboard
  • Type in the name of your profile
  • Press Check mark
  • Agree to terms again. Look through permission settings
  • Press Accept in upper right corner

If you already have a Google account, you can sign-in to it and start your fully integrated experience. If you don’t already have a Google account, you can create one on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Connect to Amazon Alexa in a Honda

The Amazon Alexa connectivity in Honda vehicles allows for drivers or passengers to control their Amazon Alexa account, just like they would in their home. In fact, the system can be paired with the in-home Alexa, allowing people to do things like turning on certain lights so they don’t have to enter in the dark. 

Setting up Amazon Alexa

  • From the home screen, select Alexa icon
  • Agree to the disclaimer terms
  • Select ‘Get Started’
  • Connect to available Wi-Fi source
  • Return to home screen
  • Select Alexa icon again
  • Follow on-screen prompts to register your vehicle
  • Log into or create Amazon account
  • Once the account is accessed, registration will happen automatically
  • Choose default voice assistant

Once you have completed the steps for connecting to Amazon Alexa, you’re free to use it to make lists, listen to music, and more.

This is certainly a lot of information to consume. If you have questions about connecting these services, please reach out to Bannister Honda, and a member of our team will be happy to help any way they can.