These Simple Tips Can Improve Your Fuel Efficiency This Spring

A stock photo of a car parked in a field.

How to Get Better Fuel Efficiency in Spring

It only takes a simple drive past a gas station and seeing its skyrocketing prices to make one want to do all they can to extend the life of a tank of gas. Especially as spring blossoms and you may want to get out on the road more often, the thought of fuel efficiency on the open road is a hot topic. There are many ways you can improve your fuel efficiency, from improving your driving habits to consistent maintenance, as well as even getting a new car. Read on from our team at Bannister Honda as we outline some of these top recommendations.

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Improve Your Driving Habits

We all get stuck in our driving ways, especially if we’ve been driving for decades. If you’re noticing your fuel economy isn’t what you’d like it to be, it may be time to look in the mirror and see what you can do to change this. We all probably drive a bit more aggressively than we’d like to admit, and pull back on some of these habits and be a bit more mindful of how you drive and improve your economy. Try out these top recommendations.

  • Drive smoothly: don’t accelerate or brake hard.
  • Drive within the speed limit: if you’re one to tend to speed, this can add up with more fuel burned.
  • Don’t idle: it seems convenient to idle your vehicle but even a bit can compound over time
  • Plan your destination: the scenic route is fun but it takes up valuable time, plan your route ahead of time through the shortest way possible.
  • Don’t drive in rush hour: if you have a life that supports it, avoid rush hour to avoid the stop and start of this kind of traffic.

Get Consistent Vehicle Maintenance

A vehicle that’s in good condition and that gets checked regularly will promote better fuel efficiency thanks to all of its systems and components working as they should. Your vehicle will have to use less fuel because it isn’t having to pick up the slack or make up for a lagging system. Explore some of these top recommendations for keeping your vehicle maintained to keep solid fuel efficiency.

  • Get regular maintenance: keep up on needed regular maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in proper working order
  • Cut down on weight: the items you have in your vehicle can all add up, putting more stress on your vehicle and needing more fuel. Remove unneeded large items, including carrying racks, when not in use.
  • Keep your vehicle naturally cool: try to park in the shade and cut down the amount of time you use the air conditioner, as it will reduce your fuel efficiency. Try rolling down your windows instead as well.
  • Ensure your tires are properly inflated: tires that aren’t inflated to their desired level can easily bring down fuel economy.
  • Keep track of your efficiency: keep a note of your vehicle’s fuel usage, and make notes when you make changes to see what works.

Buy a More Efficient Vehicle

This recommendation may be a bit of a large jump for some, but it’s one that can pay off in the long run. Vehicles are more efficient than ever, along with the new wave of electric and hybrid vehicles entering the market, there’s bound to be a vehicle that’s a lot more efficient than your current model, especially if you’ve been driving it for a while. If you’re used to gas models and are a bit wary of electric/hybrid vehicles, take a chance and research them and get in touch with our dealership to learn more, as we promise you they’re just as good as you’ve been used to, but a whole lot more efficient. Fuel efficiency is an incredibly important buying factor for modern customers, and the good thing is that there are more options than ever to browse for your next efficient vehicle, which will have you skipping the pumps more than ever.

Bannister Honda is here to help you get the most out of your vehicle, whether it’s how to drive better, service, or helping you find a better option that’s even more economical. If you have questions about the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, contact our team, today, we’d love to help.