Are You Using The Right Windshield Wipers for the Season?

A photo illustration of a car in a spring environment.

Do You Need New Windshield Wipers in Spring?

Regardless of how much further automotive safety technology progresses, the humble windshield wipers remain a vital piece of the puzzle. When conditions turn lousy, a simple flip of a switch allows drivers to clear their windshield to remove rain, ice, snow, dirt and more. As could likely be expected, there is a set of windshield wipers to meet almost any kind of condition. If you’re wondering, if you need new windshield wipers in spring, the answer could very well be yes. Take a look at a few things that you might find helpful.

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Winter Wiper Blades Vs. Summer Wiper Blades

Even if you haven’t started putting seasonal windshield wiper blades on your vehicle, we still think you should understand the difference between the kind you’d use in the winter versus the kinds that are more appropriate for warmer weather months. 

Winter-Weather Windshield Wipers

The key features for winter windshield wipers are the different rubber compounds that are used for the blade. In order to be effective in low temperatures, the rubber needs to remain soft in those conditions while also being resilient enough to push ice and snow off the glass.

Spring/Summer Wiper Blades

Getting your wiper blades swapped out for spring and summer versions will bring blades with softer rubber or silicone into the mix. The lighter rubber or silicone blades are better at maintaining tighter contact against the glass, which will be better for quickly clearing rain from the glass. 

What Happens If You Don’t Change Out Wiper Blades Seasonally?

Using a set of wiper blades out of season is likely to cause issues clearing the windshield glass. Having winter-style blades on your vehicle in the winter will leave more streaks on the glass and the blades will break down faster. The lighter rubber or silicone blades on summer windshield wipers simply aren’t up to handle the thick ice and snow that accumulates in the winter.

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