What is the Honda Prologue?

2024 Honda Prologue
Honda already produces one of the most diverse crossover SUV lineups in the global automotive industry, which is on the cusp of making the next great leap in technology. Of course, we’re talking about the coming electric vehicle revolution. Honda has had a few previous attempts at producing electric and other hybrid platforms, but the next generation is really going to be something special. So, what is the Honda Prologue? Basically, it is an all-electric SUV that will offer a refined and capable ownership experience, as well as an option that offers slightly more interior space. Let’s take a closer look at a few additional things we expect to see when it goes on sale in 2024.

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“The all-new Prologue is another huge step in Honda’s electrification strategy in North America, which is already well underway,” Steve Hui, assistant vice president of Honda Canada, said in a press release. “With the arrival of the all-new and built-in Canada CR-V hybrid available to consumers this fall, we see the Prologue as a natural progression for those who may also consider a Honda EV in their future.”

2024 Honda Prologue Expectations

Our partners at Honda had to coin a new term to describe the coming Honda Prologue, “Neo-Rugged.” Honda engineers and designers invented the Neo-Rugged concept to highlight the very specific design language they used to develop the Prologue. In addition to having a very distinctive front fascia, the 2024 Prologue will also feature a panoramic roof and 21-inch wheels. 

Additionally, the Honda Prologue will have one of the most adaptable and passenger-friendly interiors in the automaker’s lineup. Overall, the Prologue will offer more than 2900 litres of interior space. Future owners of the Honda Prologue will keep up to date on the status of the SUV’s various systems with an 11-inch digital driver instrument display. The SUV’s multimedia functions will be controlled with an 11.3-inch touchscreen display.

“Our goal was to create a clean harmony based on a rugged SUV image by coordinating the colours and materials to express neo-rugged design styling that’s familiar to our customers and uniquely Honda,” Masaki Sumimoto, design lead for the Colour, Materials and Finish, said in a press release.

Prologue Performance Specs

Honda has yet to release exact performance specs for the Prologue. However, we can be sure that it will be equipped with a powerful array of electric motors and a battery system with more than enough capacity to relieve any lingering range anxiety some Bannister Honda customers might have.

Be sure to keep checking back with the Bannister Honda blog for the latest updates about the Honda Prologue as the information becomes available. If you’re already sure you want to take one of these incredible platforms home with you, make an appointment with a Bannister Honda product expert today to start the pre-ordering process.