Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better?

A technician pouring oil in a car's engine
Engine oil is the most important fluid used in an automobile. Oil provides critical lubrication and heat dissipation to keep an engine running in peak condition. The debate on the merits of synthetic oil versus conventional oil isn’t likely to end any time soon. Mostly because both sides have legitimately valid points, however, if you’re looking for a direct answer to the question, ‘Is synthetic motor oil better,’ our team of product experts would have to say, yes. But with some caveats. It’s important to always follow the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. However, we still want to take a closer look at the advantages of using synthetic oil.

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Why is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional?

Synthetic motor oil starts life by being broken down to remove impurities, and the crude oil’s molecules are altered to provide the intended effect. There are four main reasons that synthetic motor oil is able to out-compete its conventional counterpart.

  • Better Protection Against Engine Wear: Synthetic oil is simply more robust than conventional motor oil. Since it doesn’t break down as quickly, synthetic oil resists breaking down better and can extend the needed maintenance interval.
  • Engine Stays Cleaner: Conventional oil is known for leaving sludge in an engine as it breaks down. In fact, synthetic oil often contains detergents that can help pull sludge from an engine.
  • Wider Range of Protection: Extreme temperatures change the physical properties of engine oil – especially conventional oil. However, synthetic oil is better able to protect engines across a broader range of hot and cold temps.
  • Perfect for Turbochargers: Modern cars use smaller engines with turbochargers to improve both fuel economy and performance. This creates a lot more heat than normal and synthetic oil is better suited for the task.

Should I Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil?

For the most part, it’s best to always follow the maintenance recommendations laid out in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. However, if your car, truck, or SUV has been around the block a few hundred thousand times, a change could be in order. As we said earlier, synthetic motor oil provides long-lasting protection, and it can clean out contaminants. 

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. The Bannister Honda Service Department is staffed with experts that can help you make better maintenance decisions. Make an appointment with us if you have any additional questions.