Now is the Best Time to Buy Winter Tires


Get Winter Tires in Vernon, BC. at Bannister Honda

Winter tires are a necessity for life in Lake Country, as they’re not only required by law, but enable us to safely travel across our winding mountainous roads in snowy and icy conditions. Every fall season, local mechanic shops and dealership service departments book up quickly for tire changeover appointments, so it’s best to take advantage of being an early-bird and book sooner rather than later! At Bannister Honda, we offer both tire changeover appointments and new tire fittings for your vehicle, so book your appointment, today, to be prepared for the upcoming weather change!

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Why Get Winter Tires Now?

Beat the Rush

As previously mentioned, the best advantage to purchasing your winter tires now, or changing over to winter tires you already own, is to beat the rush of people who look to book appointments at the first forecast of snowfall, or even after the first snowfall of the season. Booking appointments can be stretched out for weeks, leaving you vulnerable to the weather/road conditions if you still have your summer or all-season tires on.

Find Special Offers

Take advantage of special offers available at your tire store of choice. Connect with us at Bannister Honda to find out if we have any particular brands/models on discount or special pricing offers.


While winter tires can be expensive, they’re a vital part of you and your passengers’ safety on the roads. There’s nothing more worthwhile than having absolute comfort and confidence in your vehicle’s safety when you’re behind the wheel. Better yet, getting your tires done before the first snowfall allows you to relax and not have to rush to changeover when the first snowflakes fall.

It’s the Law in British Columbia!

Additionally, between October 1st and April 30th (or March 31st, depending on the area), it is legally required that drivers have winter tires on their cars to drive on most major roadways in the province. Avoid the hassle of potentially being ticketed, and drive safely for yourself and others on the roads with the proper winter tires for your vehicle.


Book your tire changeover, or shop for your new set of winter tires at Bannister Honda, your destination in Vernon, BC for winter tires and service. Serving Vernon, Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticion, and the rest of Lake Country, we’ll help you find the right winter tires for your vehicle.