Have You Taken A Closer Look At Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

A pre-owned Honda CR-V parked on the beach.

Are Honda-Certified Used Cars Worth it?

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions a person will make, regardless of whether they buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. In fact, choosing a used car is often the best fit for people who need to balance safety, reliability and budget. Among the best available pre-owned options available at Bannister Honda, it’s the certified pre-owned stock that offers customers the most in terms of value and overall benefit. So, are Honda-Certified used cars worth it? Yes, they are. Follow along with Bannister Honda while we take a closer look at this incredible program.

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What Does Honda-Certified Mean?

Simply put, Honda-Certified pre-owned vehicles are a special class of used cars, trucks and SUVs. In order to obtain the automaker’s special certification, the vehicle in question must not be older than a certain mark, be under the mileage limit on its odometer and meet the requirements of an extensive 100-point inspection. 

Honda CPO Benefits

Also, Honda-Certified vehicles come with a set of benefits and warranty protections that would otherwise be unimaginable in this automotive industry segment. Check out the information below to get a better idea of what this program has to offer Bannister Honda used vehicle buyers.

Warranty Coverage

Every Honda-Certified vehicle comes with additional warranty protections that will give customers some additional peace of mind. The CPO warranties include:

  • Powertrain Warranty: Honda CPO vehicles come with a 7-year / 160,000 km warranty, adding two years or 60,000 km to the existing manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Exchange Privilege: Sometimes, people change their minds after a purchase. CPO customers have seven days, or 1,000 km, to exchange their vehicle for something different.
  • Vehicle History Report: Every Honda CPO platform will come with a full vehicle history report from CARFAX, giving people a look at accidents, recalls, and more.

Make an appointment with a Bannister Honda if you would like to learn more about Honda-certified vehicles and all of the program’s benefits.