Can All-Season Be Used During Spring?

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Are All-Season Tires OK for Spring/Summer?

Tires are a surprisingly complex piece of automotive technology. Driving in Canada requires some specialized equipment, like snow tires. However, at a certain point of the year, winter retreats, and we experience a period of pleasant weather that is perfect for driving. We heavily recommend getting specialized tires for winter, we still get a lot of people asking if they can use all-season tires once the snow melts. We spoke to the experts at the Bannister Honda Service Department to get some answers.

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Using All-Season Tires After Winter

All-season tires are usually equipped on most vehicles when they arrive at our showroom from the factory. The reason behind this is a practical one; all-season tires are designed to work across a broad range of conditions. So, to answer the main question, yes, all-season tires are just fine for spring or summer driving when the pavement will be largely warm and dry. Or, at least, free from snow and ice.

Summer Tires vs. All-Season Tires

There is a tire to meet the need of any driver on almost any kind of road condition. A lot of vehicle owners, especially high-performance vehicle owners, opt to equip their cars with summer tires. While all-season tires are great general-purpose tires, choosing summer tires will come with some additional benefits. Some of the reasons people might choose summer tires include:

  • Stickier tread compound to prevent hydroplaning in heavy rain
  • Better cornering, acceleration and braking
  • Better performance at warmer temperatures

Do I have to Use Summer Tires?

To be sure, there are a lot of reasons to invest in summer tires. However, if you’re comfortable using the all-season tires that your car or SUV comes with, you are certainly going to be ok keeping the standard tires on your vehicle. 

It’s totally understandable that there might be some lingering questions about the right kind of tires to use. Make an appointment with a Bannister Honda service advisor today and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.