How to Tell If Your Vehicle Needs New Tires

Tire Getting mounted onto a car

5 Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Tires

Keeping your vehicle in good working condition is essential to driving safely every time you take the wheel. One of the most important parts of your vehicle is its tires, as they are the only things keeping your vehicle connected to the road. If you have old or worn tires, it can be dangerous to drive. The best way to check to see if your tires are in good condition is to inspect them on a regular basis. Knowing what to look for and how to tell if your vehicle needs new tires is as easy as looking out for the five warning signs listed below. Does your vehicle need new tires? Keep reading to find out.

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Top 5 Warning Signs Telling You to Get New Tires

Be sure to check your tires for any of these five signs, and if you see any of them, it’s time for you to get new tires on your vehicle.

  1. Tire Tread Depth. If the tread depth of your tires is too low, it’s time to get some new tires for your vehicle. You don’t want to be on the road and get a flat tire.
  2. Cracks Appearing On the Sidewall. Upon inspection, if you notice any cracks on the sidewall of any of your tires, that’s a clear sign your vehicle needs new tires. Having a tire blowout while driving can be dangerous.
  3. Bulges On Tire. When inspecting your tires, if you see any bulges anywhere on your tires, your tire is no longer safe to drive on. Schedule an appointment to get new tires immediately.
  4. Tires Keep Getting Low. If you find yourself always filling your tires with air, that’s a clear sign that they have a small leak and are no longer road-worthy. At the very least, you should have your tires looked at by a professional to determine if they are safe or if they need to be replaced.
  5. Tire Noise and/or Vibrations. If you hear noises coming from any of your tires while driving or you feel vibrations you’ve never felt before, chances are your vehicle needs new tires. Have them inspected by a trained tire specialist.

If your vehicle is in need of new tires, don’t wait too long, visit the service department at Bannister Honda and let our experienced tire specialists help you get the correct tires for your vehicle. Contact our service department, today, to schedule an appointment.

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