2023 Honda Type R

The 2023 Honda Type R

Engineered to Excite


The road less travelled has never been more exhilarating than in the Civic Si. Its turbocharged engine and 6-speed manual transmission with rev-match control reach a unique balance of hairpin handling and hold-onto-your-hat performance that can transform just about any drive into a fast-paced adventure.

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Exterior Design & Features

The right attitude can go a long way, especially when you find it in a car as fun to drive as the Civic Hatchback. Its balance of bold style and sporty handling is just the beginning. With an available turbocharged engine and 6-speed manual transmission, it’s as versatile as it is exciting.

If it doesn't stir your soul, it's not a Civic. This is the standard we set for ourselves at Honda, and it's what brought the Civic Sedan to life. With a bold design, an available turbocharged engine, and standard Honda Sensing,® it's ready to drive your fun without ever pressing pause.

Interior Design & Features

The all-new Civic Type R was built to create wide sightlines and minimize blind spots. The hood, side mirrors, fenders, and rear spoiler are all designed to promote visibility and awareness of your vehicle's position on the track or the road.

With the 4-mode drive system, you can customize the all-digital display to see critical data in your line of sight. In + R mode, an LED shift light above the interface helps you gauge shift points without taking your eyes off the track.


Chasing your best lap time is more fun than ever with the exclusive Honda Log® datalogger, which gives you real-time and post-drive feedback.* And with wireless Apple CarPlay®* compatibility, you can connect to your iPhone® without a cable.

See every lap unfold in real-time, with a g-meter, lap timer, tire friction data, engine and oil temperature, boost pressure, and other critical information displayed on the touchscreen and Driver Information Interface while you drive.

After your lap, Honda Log® lets you take a look back and see your driving data mapped to the course. Scoring analyzes your overall skill and breaks down your performance on individual curves, with advice on how to improve your driving ability and lap times.


The fastest Civic ever is here.

Equipped with a turbocharged engine delivering 315 horsepower10 and 310 pound-feet of torque,11 the Civic Type R is a formidable force in the world of factory racecar performance. But it does more than just accelerate. When you’re out on the track, the Honda LogR®12 datalogger analyzes your lap performance with advanced data tracking to help hone your racing prowess down to the decimal. The 6-speed manual transmission with rev-match control keeps your engine and vehicle speed in sync for even smoother shifting into corners and straight past the checkered flag. The sum of the Honda racing legacy is at your fingertips.

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