2019 Honda Clarity

The 2019 Honda Clarity

A clearer future is here.

Exterior features

The Clarity's low, wide aerodynamic body helps to increase fuel efficiency, while unique design elements bring additional style.




With the HondaLink™ app, you can set recurring charging schedules, remote climate pre-conditioning, find charging stations, and a lot more! no subscription required.

Honda Sensing™ Technologies

Honda Sensing™ technologies are designed to help make your drive safer. With intuitive technology and design, we've created a way forward that we can all feel good about. Whether you're driving or sitting in the passenger seat, Feel confident in the latest in safety innovation from Honda.

Plug-in hybrid powertrain

As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with a full-parallel hybrid powertrain, the Clarity can run on a gasoline internal combustion engine, an electric motor, or both.

Experience the Honda Clarity Today

Enjoy a moment of clarity.

So you’re ready to play your part for the environment, but you also want to play on the road. The 2019 Clarity lets you have it all. As a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), the Clarity enjoys both the efficiencies of an electric motor and the agile power of a gas motor. The result? A drive that eases the mind while occasionally melting it around corners. Even comfort comes\ naturally with a spacious interior that keeps sustainable sourcing in mind. The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is bound to turn heads and shift perspectives.

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